USED Dr. Z Amps Z 28 with Brake Lite Attenuator

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"The Z 28 shares the same EF-86 front end as its bigger brothers the Route 66 and KT45. Pairing this front end with a pair of fixed bias 6V6s yields an authority not heard before from a dual 6V6 design. Having more of an American type sound, the Z 28 gives you a wide pallet to work from. You can dial in a clear, sweet clean sound as well as a biting crunch with just 3 knobs. Like our other 3 knob amps, the treble and bass function normally until 12:00 and dial in gain once turned past noon. The stout, tube rectified power supply gives the Z 28 a tight low end and makes it very pedal friendly. You won’t find the typical short comings of a dual 6V6 amp here. Weighing in at approximately 22 watts, the Z 28 is great for most gig/studio situations."

Power Output : 22 Watts
Output Tubes : 2 – 6V6
Preamp Tubes : 1 – EF86 (NOS), 1-12AX7
Rectifier : 1 – 5AR4
Controls : Volume, Bass, Treble
Configuration : 1×12 Ultra Lite Combo
Color : Blonde
Dimensions & Weight : 1×12 Combo: 22 1/2” W, 20 1/8” H, 10” D; 48 lbs.