Taylor 314ce V-Class Bracing

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Sapele back and sides, Sikta Spruce top, ES2 pickup, with a hard shell case. The 314ce is the bread and butter of American made guitars, with every modern accouterment Taylor has to offer, including the NT neck joint, and their new pickup system. The ES2 pickup offers a more linear response than a traditional under-saddle pickups because it sits on the side of the bridge instead of being squeezed under the downward pressure of the strings. The result is a more natural sounding pickup with more dynamic range. Players who are used to their ES1 pickup will notice that the ES2 is less susceptible to magnetic hum. The 14 in 314ce indicates that it has a Grand Auditorium body shape, which is deep and wide to provide plenty of bass response.

This years model of the 314ce has been upgraded with V-Class bracing. The new V-Class bracing system improves sustain, intonation, and volume.