Dan Salomon - Back in 1978, when Dan was fresh out of college with a music degree, all he wanted to do was play guitar or bass in a psychedelic rock band. Reality set in and he chose to do the next best thing and open up a music store. Almost 40 years in the business, Dan still enjoys sharing his love of guitars and servicing the musical community of Northern NE and beyond. His go to guitar acoustic guitar is a 12 fret cut-away Santa Cruz OO-42. His other favorite personal instruments are his 1975 Alembic Series I Bass, '65 Stratocater and his 1959 Gibson Grand Console steel guitar.



Asher Salomon - Son number one, Asher is an aspiring guitarist with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. This all comes in handy when a guitar needs a neck reset or rewiring. He's our resident tech, videographer and photographer and general trouble shooter here at the store. Asher's go to guitar shape is the Taylor Grand Concert.



Moocho Salomon - Dan's wife Moocho keeps things looking good and keeps everyone in line! She plays ragtime guitar, uke, piano, flute and bass. Highlight of her week is ukulele club the "Ammon-ukes" and band practice with her girl band "Not Your Mother". Mooch's go to guitar shape is the OO.



Ben Salomon - Is a graduate of both the Berklee College of Music and Mills College where he persued instrumental studies and musical composition. Ben is an active performer, having completed recent tours with Bill Baird in Germany and the UK along with travels in the Pacific North West with trio Bad Jazz. His go to guitar shape is the Santa Cruz H/13.