We're 40 Years Old!

We're 40 Years Old!

What were you doing at age 22? Well, we all know the cerebral cortex is not yet fully developed, so those not yet reaching the age of 25 can dabble in some dangerous and risky endeavors! That might explain why Dan Salomon, fresh out of Franconia College in 1978, decided to open a music store in the White Mountains of NH.“Who are you going to sell to, the trees?” his father asked. 40 years later, Dan’s still here on Littleton’s quintessential Main Street! He’s still trading guitars and has never lost his passion for them.

There may never be a light at the end of the tunnel as far as Dan’s retirement is concerned. But why stop when you get to make people happy with fine tone wood guitars and hang on a cool and getting-hipper-every-day Main Street? Besides, there’s a bakery next door!

Working alongside his wife, Mooch, and sons, Asher and Benjamin, is a little like being in the family living room. They even like to spin the same music on the turntable! Everyone has their niche to help make the business thrive.Asher and Ben are in charge of all of the technology, including photography and IT, and Dan keeps buying incredible guitars from the best builders in the country, like Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, National, and Collings. The beautiful selection seems to be the magnet that motivates a lot of folks to get in their cars and drive up into the White Mountains, to breath in the fresh air and try out a few. Northern Lights Music is actually centrally located as far as Dan is concerned. It’s a beautiful drive from Portland, ME, Burlington, VT, Boston, or Montreal (all a 2 1/2 hour distance). No sales tax in NH sweetens the deal.

So those are a few factors that have contributed to the survival of Northern Lights Music as it sits centered on Littleton’s rural Main Street.Dan’s perseverance is definitely a contributor to 40 years of success, but in regard to those trees up here, not one has yet bought a guitar!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us for the past 40 years!